Broken tooth human Tooth (done in 3d, isolated)We are often led to believe that an oral health concern develops over a gradual process. For example, tooth decay does not happen overnight, and noticeable stains often do not either. As a matter of fact, these scenarios occur due to consistent practices or lack thereof, and can often be stopped and reversed if addressed in a timely manner. Bear in mind, however, that sometimes physical accidents can occur as well, and these issues may develop in a matter of seconds. In today’s blog, your Leawood, KS dentist takes a look at the process of enduring a cracked or chipped tooth, and how surface-level concerns can be treated with cosmetic dentistry.

How Severe Is It?

It goes without saying that a dental emergency can occur at any given time, and the results will vary greatly depending on your situation. For instance, a misstep in a sports game may lead to an entire tooth becoming dislodged or knocked out, whereas a slight miscalculation may only cause your structure to chip slightly. Regardless of the scenario, however, it is imperative you seek treatment sooner rather than later.

In some circumstances that involve great blood loss and severe pain, the best option might be to seek treatment at the emergency room. For all other issues, you can give our office a call to schedule an emergency dental appointment.

Once our team has given the okay that your situation is not a severe infraction upon your oral health, we will begin to discuss your treatment options with you. For some, all that is needed is cosmetic dentistry, and we are ready to help. For more information about this process, contact our team today and schedule your appointment.

Cosmetic Solutions

When you endure a surface-level chip or crack in your tooth, our team will likely recommend the help of cosmetic dentistry. Indeed, this process allows our team to treat these noticeable blemishes with effective treatment in a lifelike manner.

Among the cosmetic options, bonding and contouring are best for chips or cracks. This process involves applying a composite material to the affected area, then shaping or contouring it to smooth out the issue. Once it has been shaped to satisfaction, we will use a special light to cure the material, and voila! You are good to go.

Providing Effective Care

We recognize that oral concerns do not impact everybody in the same way, and as such, we offer customized treatment in a timely manner that not only addresses the presenting concern but does so in a high-quality and effective manner. When you are ready to learn about your options, give our team a call.

Learn More Today

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