Isolated portrait - dental flush, caucasian child girl using flossing teeth and smilingIt goes without saying that your dental checkups are an important appointment to keep. After all, they allow for an in-depth look at your oral cavity, as well as helps identify minor or developing concerns from progressing into major complications by nipping the problem in the bud. Even still, checkups may be an essential part of your preventive routine, but it is also necessary to practice care at home so that you can maintain a healthy smile for life. In today’s blog, your Leawood, KS dentist looks at the components of an at-home routine, and how adhering to these steps can provide a healthier, cleaner smile.

Brushing Correctly

From a very young age, your parents or guardians likely pressed you to brush your teeth daily, as well as emphasized that it was necessary for your oral health. While at the time it might have felt like a ploy to get you to do something you did not want to do, but in reality, this was a necessary step for adequate overall care.

Indeed, brushing your teeth serves a great purpose, as it is the primary practice used to remove deposits of plaque and tartar. You see, plaque is that sticky white substance that you sometimes find present around your teeth. This substance develops as the day progresses, and often contains the oral bacteria that cause bad breath, gum disease, and tooth decay. Because of this, your dentist recommends brushing at least twice a day to prevent this material from building up.

Additionally, it is important that you are making sure to brush your teeth correctly and thoroughly. This means more than just the fronts of your structures, and instead, refers to forming small circles so that you can reach the many hard-to-access areas where bacteria tend to lurk.

Flossing For Periodontal Health

In addition to brushing, your preventive dental routine should factor in treatment for your gums, too. Indeed, bacteria can make their way beneath the surface of your gums and latch onto the roots that are housed within them. Here, they will continue to thrive and cause periodontal or gum concerns. If you do not seek treatment in a timely manner, you may face the possibility of losing your permanent teeth. To learn more about this process, reach out to our team today.

Benefits of Mouthwash

Finally, mouthwash can help eliminate bad breath by significantly reducing bacteria that are present, as well as reach areas that might not be possible to reach with brushing or flossing alone. The last thing you want is poor personal hygiene, and this is an area mouthwash can result in a number of benefits for you.

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