processing and correction of the dental crown. laboratoryMaking sure your smile is up to par with a dental checkup is a necessary part of a preventive dental routine. Indeed, oral care is a lifelong process, as the bacteria, infection, and more that threaten your health never truly ceases. Because of this, it is imperative to stay on top of your care. Still, however, sometimes major complications merely begin as minor concerns that go virtually unnoticed. In today’s blog, your Leawood, KS dentist discusses the way oral bacteria infect your teeth, and how a dental crown restoration offers versatility in treatment when it comes to prioritizing your smile’s health.

Extra Reinforcement for Your Grin

Just like many other dental concerns, decay and infection begin with hyperactive oral bacteria wreaking havoc on your smile. In many cases, these bacteria will lurk in the hard-to-clean areas of the mouth, where they survive feeding off of the foods and sugars we consume. Indeed, the longer these microorganisms are able to thrive, the more likely your chances are of experiencing a significant dental complication such as tooth decay.

When decay sets in, what is happening is a destructive acid has been produced that actively breaks down your tooth’s structure. Over time, this process will compromise an entire tooth, and eventually, your entire smile without proper care. Fortunately, however, this is where restorative dental practices come in to help.

Restorative dentistry consists of stopping the progression of decay, mitigating damage, and reinforcing the affected area. In terms of a cavity, this can be accomplished with a few different methods, though none are as versatile as the dental crown. To learn more about this process and when to seek treatment, contact our team today.

Mitigating Damage

Because decay is the process of infecting your teeth and causing their demise, a method to cease damage is absolutely necessary. Though traditionally a dental filling may be used, it really just depends on the type of damage your tooth has endured. Taking a look at dental crowns in particular, they can be used to contain the infection, prevent other bacteria from entering your tooth, and even helps reinforce the integrity of your tooth’s structure. With damage no longer a threat, we can move forward and work on restoring your natural bite. Reach out to our team today to learn more.

A Healthy Smile

A healthy smile starts with the quality of care you provide it, and falling short in any one area of your routine could be enough to compromise your grin’s integrity. Indeed, taking proper care of your smile is an involved process, and acting sooner rather than later is always the best step.

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