Did your last dental exam occur within the last six months? If more time has passed than this, you should make your next visit a priority. Falling behind on your scheduled checkups can leave you more vulnerable to problems than you might realize. In addition to missing out on an important review from your dentist, you also miss your scheduled teeth cleaning, a service that removes tartar buildup to keep problems from arising in the future. Your Leawood, KS dentist’s office is ready to see you. In addition to providing routine services, we can step in and offer the appropriate care if you have any problems with your oral health that should be addressed.

When Did You Last Schedule An Oral Health Exam?

Unless your dentist’s instructions to you have you following something different, you should have an oral health exam and cleaning scheduled every six months. When you hold to this schedule, you can have an easier time avoiding issues with both dental decay and gum disease. This routine also helps you by alerting you to early signs of teeth grinding, or by pointing out a possible imbalance in your bite function.

Services Provided During Your Routine Appointments

Routine appointments provide two important services. One will see your teeth undergo a thorough cleaning. At this time, we can actually remove any tartar deposits that have formed since your last visit. By doing this, we can protect you against periodontal and dental problems. The other important service is your evaluation. This is what tells us if you have any active problems with your dental health that should be addressed. Timely treatment is important. When we catch cavities that are still small, we can use conservative dental fillings to restore teeth and prevent potential infections.

We Can Take Care Of Any Cavities Identified At Your Appointment

While it is certainly not ideal to learn that you have a cavity at a checkup, early detection and treatment can certainly beat the kind of work you will need if decay becomes serious enough to cause complications with your health. Smaller cavities are treated with fillings that only cover the space where the damage to your enamel occurred. A more severe cavity can lead to an infection that has to be addressed through root canal therapy.

Talk To Your Leawood, KS Dentist To Set Your Next Exam

Returning to regular dental exams provides many important benefits. Our office is here to help you maintain a healthy, confident smile, and we can also step in and care for you when problems call for restorative services. If you would like to make your appointment, or if you have any questions, please contact Dreem Dentistry in Leawood, KS at 913-681-5500 to learn more!