thirsty athlete with power drinkIt goes without saying that taking care of your smile is a much more involved process than you might have initially thought, as there are countless threats out there that influence your structural integrity. What’s more? Factors you may not expect to negatively affect your grin could actually be doing more harm, and taking care to limit certain food or beverage items is critical to a healthy smile. In today’s blog, your Leawood, KS dentist takes a look at some items that may be a part of your everyday diet that actually can cause significant damage if left unmanaged.

Sports Drinks

Growing up, you often hear about the importance of consuming electrolytes so that you can remain hydrated and healthy. Indeed, a number of companies out there have created and manufactured sports drinks as a supplement for water, as some of the benefits are incredible.

What you might not immediately recognize, however, is that most popular sports drinks can actually be bad for your teeth. Indeed, a number of products contain extra sugars that can lead to increased chances of infection or decay, as well as high sodium levels.

Additionally, many sports drinks contain high levels of acidity that, if left unmanaged, can result in the destruction of the tissues and tooth structure that is present beneath your healthy layer of enamel. What’s more? Many of these beverages have the potential to stain teeth, as well as cause hypersensitivity to extremes in temperatures or touch. For more information about this process and what steps you can take to better manage your health, reach out to our team today.

Foods or Beverages with High Acidity

Another issue that arises from consuming certain products includes their levels of acidity. You see, items such as citrus products like oranges or orange juice contain higher levels of natural acidity than many other food items. When consumed in large quantities, this can actively weaken or break down the healthy layer of enamel that is protecting your structures from harm.

Without proper care or moderation, your enamel will gradually wear away, exposing the structures beneath to the dangers of oral bacteria and infection. What’s more? You will experience sensitivity and difficulty in function, so it is best to moderate how much citrus and other highly acidic items you consume.

Benefits of Water

Everyone needs water in some form or another to survive, and it comes with added benefits as well. For instance, tap water contains fluoride, the naturally occurring mineral that is present in toothpaste. Fluoride helps rebuild your layer of enamel and protects your structures from harm. Water also strengthens your teeth while keeping your mouth clean.

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