Gums and teeth examination. Close upBy now you are aware that oral hygiene and proper preventive care are a lifelong process. After all, there are countless oral health concerns out there, and they never cease targeting your teeth. Because of this, you likely brush your teeth at least twice a day and attend your routine dental checkups to ensure your smile is at its best. What you might not be aware of, however, is that there are other concerns that impact your oral health that is not a primary tooth concern. In today’s blog, your Leawood, KS dentist explains how your health is comprised of multiple facets, as well as how you can take steps to prioritize your gum care.

What Comprises Your Oral Health

You are correct to brush your teeth at least twice a day and attend preventive dental appointments to keep your smile strong, but know that teeth are only a portion of your overall oral health. Indeed, your oral health is heavily influenced by a myriad of factors that impact all aspects of your oral cavity. This includes the teeth, tongue, cheeks, gums, throat, the roof of the mouth, and floor of the mouth.

Because there are multiple components, that means that there are even more areas to pay mind to. For instance, brushing your teeth primarily manages your teeth structures, but what about the other areas? Some toothbrushes contain textured portions that help you brush your tongue and remove much of the bacteria that cause bad breath, while mouthwash attempts to give an all-encompassing clean.

To ensure your smile is in tip-top condition, your dentist recommends paying mind to all aspects that comprise it. Reach out to our team today to learn more.

Best Practices At-Home

Though brushing is an important step in your routine preventive care, it is important to make sure flossing does not take a seat on the sideline. As a matter of fact, flossing helps remove food particles and other factors from in-between teeth and near the gums.

All people experience getting food caught between teeth at least once in their lives, and sometimes these particles need some help getting out. If they remain, they attract oral bacteria to the site and increase your chances of developing periodontal concerns such as gum disease, which is why it is crucial you do not forget to floss!

Additional Treatment with Periodontal Cleaning

For individuals who experience the early signs of gum disease, another solution might be to seek a scaling and root planing procedure. This process consists of cleaning thoroughly beneath the gum line where plaque has developed, then planing or smoothing the surfaces of your roots to make future bacterial attachment more difficult.

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