Orthodontist picking soft tooth filling from dental spatula with stomatological carver over foam plastic brickIt goes without saying that many individuals experience some form of dental decay at one point or another in their lives, whether it is a major case of root canal infection or the minor beginnings of a simple cavity. In fact, decay is one of the most common oral health concerns there are, affecting millions of individuals every year. Just because it is common, however, it does not mean that every case is 100% curable without loss. In today’s blog, your Leawood, KS dentist takes a look at the way in which infection spreads, and details why it is important to address decay in its earliest stages.

They are Only Going to Get Worse

Every smile contains oral bacteria, and these are the culprits behind a majority of oral health concerns that develop. Indeed, issues such as gum disease, infection, and even decay all share similarities in that hyperactive oral bacteria begin their processes. With respect to decay, oral bacteria feed off of sugars and other food particles that we consume, causing them to secrete a destructive acid. These acids eat away at our natural tooth structure and result in small holes known as cavities.

The major problem that arises with dental decay is that it does not simply get better with time. As a matter of fact, the longer one goes without treatment, the worse the situation will get. For instance, a cavity will begin to become larger as decay eats away at healthy portions of a tooth, making its way deeper into the structure. After some time, your nerves and inner dental pulp will become damaged, resulting in functional complications as well as pain.

Treatment will Become More Extensive

When dental decay spreads and impacts your function, simple treatment such as fillings will no longer be effective. Indeed, more extensive treatment such as a root canal procedure will likely be your only option, and without timely treatment, you may face the possibility of tooth extraction. The reason for this, is because once the decay has spread past a certain extent, a restoration such as a filling may actually fail. To learn more about this process, reach out to our team today.

Why it’s Better to Act Sooner

When it comes to dentistry, time is never going to be on your side. Unlike a stomach ache or headache, decay will not simply vanish if you wait, and will instead spread until it has completely compromised your tooth. What’s more, your issues will not stop there, as your surrounding teeth can become infected as well.

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