Happy dentist holding a tooth and satisfied patient after tooth extractionDentistry is a process that encompasses a wide range of circumstances. Indeed, from cosmetic concerns such as stains and chips, to more severe issues such as decay and infection, a great deal of attention should be given to our smiles and overall oral health. After all, our health should be our top priority and there are more factors that harm it than ones that help it. In some cases, however, severe damage leaves us to make difficult decisions, such as pursuing an extraction to preserve our health. In today’s blog, your Leawood, KS dentist will explain why extraction can be the best option in some cases, as well as what to do following this decision.

How Teeth Become Compromised

There are a variety of factors that cause your teeth to become infected, but the most common of them all involves dental decay. Your teeth begin to experience decay when harmful oral bacteria secrete destructive acids that weaken and wear down your natural structure. A this continues, a small hole known as a cavity forms.

Without proper treatment, your cavity will begin to reach deeper into the inner workings of your tooth. It is at this point that your oral function begins to come into question, as performing routine tasks may become more painful or difficult to achieve. What’s more your nerves will become targeted, resulting in sharp pains and more.

As decay progresses past this point, your chances of losing your tooth increase drastically. Certain treatment such as fillings or root canal therapy may fail as there is no longer enough healthy structure left to support these restorations. In times such as this, your dentist may recommend you consider a dental extraction.

A Last Resort

Adult teeth are permanent structures, meaning once they are gone, they are gone for good and will not come back. Bear in mind, however, that your health is the most important aspect, and if you are presented with the option of extracting a tooth to mitigate damage to other structures or letting the diseased structure fall out on its own, you will incur much less damage by choosing the former option. To learn more about this process, feel free to reach out to our team today.

So, What Happens Next?

While extraction certainly aids in preventing the spread of dangerous decay, your function will still take a hit. Though one tooth might not be so bad, a few missing teeth can prove very troubling for your overall oral function. When you come in for your visit, make sure to speak with our team to learn about your options for replacing a compromised tooth.

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