Young man in a blue T-shirt with a chipped toothCosmetic inconsistencies can be a nuisance to address, as they often result from a variety of different factors and subsequently often call for a variety of solutions. What’s more, it never is as simple as placing a concern in a single category, as a number of issues that affect your oral function may also affect your grin’s appearance and structure is well. Still, some instances result in concerns that are purely cosmetic in nature, merely plaquing your grin with noticeable blemishes and nothing more. In today’s blog, your Leawood, KS dentist discusses the way cosmetic dentistry can address noticeable discrepancies, and specifically how bonding and contouring can provide for a seamless finish.

When Damage is Cosmetic in Nature

It goes without saying that accidents happen and nobody plans out an emergency, otherwise it wouldn’t be an emergency. That being said, it is difficult to account for surprise situations that may arise, so your next best step is to establish a plan and how to handle them in the event they come up. The same could be said for dental emergencies.

Indeed, dental problems can range in severity, and each level will require specific needs and treatment. For instance, chipping a tooth and having one knocked out are completely different concerns, meaning their treatment will be as well. In some cases, the only damage that has been accrued is purely surface-level, meaning no extensive treatment or procedure is needed. It is cases such as these that we recommend the use of cosmetic dentistry.

Simple, Conservative Treatment

Believe it or not, chips and cracks actually occur more often than you think, and are actually much simpler to address than a number of other concerns. When you come in for your bonding and contouring visit, we will begin by applying a composite resin to the affected area so as to fill any gaps or chipped sections. From here, we will contour the material to closely mimic the natural shape and textures of your teeth, then cure the material with a special light.

One of the major benefits that arise from this process is the ability to address your cosmetic blemishes without having to significantly alter your natural dental structures. Indeed, a simple material can seal many chips and cracks, and even leave your smile complete and nearly flawless. For more information about this process, contact our team today.

The Benefits of Shade-Match Technology

Another benefit of bonding and contouring includes the way it takes your appearance into consideration. The material used to bond your structures utilizes shade-match technology, which allows us to closely match the shade of the material to that of your smile. With that in mind, you can reap the benefits of a blemish-free, natural looking smile.

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