Tooth care concept. Slim naked young woman blinks eye, has daily routine after shower, brushes teeth with tootbrush, has healthy skin, isolated over blue background, free space for your promotion.From a young age, we often have memories of our parents consistently telling us to brush our teeth. At the time, it may feel unnecessary to do so often, and we probably attempted to get away with not doing so at one point or another. Now as adults, brushing is just another step in the morning routine before you start your day, but have you ever stopped and thought maybe there is more you can do to ensure a healthy grin? In today’s blog, your Leawood, KS dentist would like to discuss your preventive dental regimen and ensure the necessary steps are taken to provide for a healthy smile.

Ensuring Proper Care

It goes without saying that a beautiful grin is a common goal among a number of individuals. A common misconception, however, is that consistent morning brushing alone is enough to achieve this goal. Unfortunately, however, this is not always the case. Indeed, a number of factors contribute to the durability of your grin, just as there is more than one step you can take. For instance, you may be brushing incorrectly, not often enough, or failing to floss. You may also be putting your smile at risk if you are failing to attend standard six-month checkups to monitor healthy development. For more tips and tricks you can take to prioritize the health of your teeth, contact our team today.

Steps to Take at Home

A common concern that many may not even be aware of is the manner in which they brush. To maximize your plaque and oral bacterial removal, it is best to brush in small circles as opposed to up and down, and make sure to address every surface. In addition to this, the frequency at which you brush can have an impact as well. For instance, not doing it enough will leave way for harmful bacteria to wreak havoc on your grin, while doing it too much can cause your structures to become worn down and sensitive. Striking a healthy balance – typically in the morning and before bed – is the key to consistency.

Another step that you can take at home is to make sure you floss. Oftentimes food particles or other items get lodged between teeth, attracting oral bacteria that could then cause issues such as periodontal disease. By making sure to floss after every meal, you are minimizing your chances of developing such a concern.

Scheduling Your Visits

Without a proper dental visit, there is no definitive way to monitor that status of infection. Indeed, your dentist recommends attending a visit at least once every six months in order to provide ample time to identify points of concern and ensure minor problems do not develop into major ones. For more information about your visit, reach out to our team.

Learn More Today

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