While gingivitis can be a common issue, it is not one to take lightly. When periodontal problems go unaddressed, they can worsen in time, which leads to more difficulties with treatment, and a greater risk for tooth loss. Advanced gum disease can even interfere with your ability to manage other health conditions! At our Leawood, KS dental practice, we provide important preventive services that help you manage your dental and periodontal health. When our patients show signs of gingivitis during a dental checkup, we can stop the problem from worsening by performing a scaling and root planing. By doing so, we can remove harmful bacteria from beneath your gum line and give your periodontal tissues the opportunity to recover.

Letting Gingivitis Go Untreated Can Lead To Problems

While gingivitis is a concerning oral health issue, it is one that you can fight with good oral hygiene. By cleaning at your gum line consistently, you can fight the buildup of plaque and keep bacteria from moving below your periodontal tissues. If you do not fight gum disease effectively, and do not receive important preventive care during your regular dental checkups, an infection can form and worsen, which will make it more difficult to address, and more likely to cause you long-term problems like tooth loss.

How Scaling And Root Planing Helps You Regain Healthy Gums

If you have symptoms of gingivitis, your dentist can recognize them during a routine exam and recommend a scaling and root planing. This treatment is different from a typical teeth cleaning because it works to clean teeth at their roots. By removing the bacteria that are present below your gum line, we can stop an infection before it worsens, and give your gums the opportunity to heal.

Other Benefits To Regular Dental Exams

There are many benefits to consistently seeing your dentist for routine care. One is that you receive early warnings about problems like gum disease and tooth decay. Catching a cavity early means you can receive a conservative dental filling and avoid complications that might call for root canal therapy and a dental crown. We also warn patients about other concerns, like bruxism and TMJ disorder, which can negatively affect their quality of life. Problems with your jaw alignment, or a habit of nightly teeth grinding, can lead to chronic aches and pains. Teeth grinding creates an additional concern, as this action can lead to concerning wear and tear on your enamel.

Schedule General Dental Care At Dreem Dentistry

At Dreem Dentistry, our patients can count on us to identify and address problems with gingivitis during their visits. Treating gingivitis is important, as it can become a big problem for you if it is not caught and treated in time. To find out more, please call our dental practice in Leawood, KS at 913-681-5500.