When you have issues with teeth grinding, you can create problems with chronic jaw pain for yourself, and you can also start to experience worrying dental wear and tear. Even if the damage to your enamel is not serious enough for restorative dental work, it can affect your smile in ways that make you self-conscious. Our Leawood, KS dental practice is prepared to help those who are dealing with habitual teeth grinding, or bruxism, and want to do something about it and its effect on their enamel. With an oral appliance, we can prevent nightly teeth grinding problems from further hurting your smile. After evaluating your smile, we can see if cosmetic dentistry is recommended, or if you need restorative treatment for more serious damages.

Bruxism Can Negatively Affect Your Appearance And Oral Health

Problems with bruxism should be taken seriously, because this issue can create a worrying amount of trouble for your smile and oral health. When you start to grind your teeth while you sleep, you can experience difficulties with morning jaw pain and stiffness, as well as problems with aching or sensitive teeth. In time, your troubles can worsen as you deal with wear and tear that affects your appearance, and even problems with chips or cracks that require prompt treatment from your dentist.

Arranging Cosmetic Dental Work To Address Visible Wear And Tear

If you resolve problems with bruxism before doing serious damage to your smile, you can look into cosmetic dental work to address the wear and tear that has affected your enamel. Porcelain veneers can restore the shape and size of teeth so that they no longer look worn down or unhealthy. These thin restorations only require conservative amounts of preparatory work, and they can provide lasting improvements. In addition to addressing problems with worn or misshapen teeth, veneers can brighten your smile, and they can even help with some alignment issues.

Untreated Bruxism Can Lead To Problems With Chipped Or Cracked Enamel

After enough wear and tear from nightly teeth grinding, your teeth can become chipped or cracked, and that can affect your oral health as well as the way you look. These situations can call for restorative work. By placing dental crowns on chipped or cracked teeth, we will be able to restore the way they look, support your bite function, and even address problems with the way you look.

Dreem Dentistry Can Restore Teeth Affected By Bruxism

Dreem Dentistry is prepared to help if you need to do something about bruxism and its effect on your smile. If you wish to learn about your treatment options, or if you have questions about any other oral health matters, please contact our dental office in Leawood, KS at 913-681-5500.