Model of tooth with happy face, brush and space for text on color backgroundIt goes without saying that noticeably major concerns such as a broken bone or dislodged tooth are circumstances in which people know to act with expediency to remedy. Other circumstances such as an aching tooth or mild discomfort, however, are concerns that most tend to wait out. Indeed, the common mindset is that if a trip to the dentist or doctor can be avoided, then so it shall. The negative effect of this, however, is that perceivably minor problems such as a dental cavity can become major if you wait too long. In today’s blog, your Leawood, KS dentist will address what occurs if you do not take care of that cavity.

The Threat of Decay

Many forms of dental concern or threat often involve harmful oral bacteria that have been left to wreak havoc on our smiles. These bacteria are present in every grin, and it is up to us to ensure they stay at bay and do not damage our valuable oral structures. Indeed, problems such as periodontal disease, infected root canals, and even structural loss are all the result of oral bacteria that have been permitted to grow and attack our grins. In its earliest form – the cavity – decay can occur to one or even multiple teeth, as it involves bacteria secreting a harmful acid that works to weaken structures. When an area has been weakened enough, a hole may form. From here, your dentist will recommend receiving a filling as soon as possible before the matter gets worse. During this process, we will carefully clean the infected area and remove sign of decay before filling the area with a tooth-colored composite resin.

Treating Internal Infection

If a cavity progresses past a certain point, a filling restoration will no longer suffice as there will not be enough healthy tooth structure remaining to support the restoration. In other words, the decay will have progressed to the point that your internal tooth tissues and nerves are in danger. To remedy this, your dentist will suggest a root canal procedure to properly clean out your tooth and allow it to heal. This process is a bit more involved than just a filling, but it allows us to be able to preserve your tooth.

You Could Lose a Tooth

Once your infection has progressed past a point that even a root canal would not be helpful, you are at a high risk of permanently losing your tooth. At this stage in the process, we would recommend having the compromised structure extracted and then replaced with a dental implant. For more information about this process or what your options may be, contact our office today.

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It’s easy for adults to become caught up in their day-to-day tasks that some of them take a seat on the back burner. It is important to remember, however, that your oral health is important. Contact Dreem Dentistry in Leawood, KS by calling 913-681-5500 to learn more or schedule your appointment.