Gum disease comparison with a healthy tooth and an unhealthy one with periodontitis and poor oral hygiene health problem as a bacteria infection diagram concept with inflammation as a 3D illustration.It can be challenging at times to keep track of your health, as there are multiple factors to take into consideration. From your physical health to mental health and even dental health, it takes constant work to make sure all is well. When it comes to your oral hygiene in particular, a number of concerns can cause decay, infection, and ultimately tooth loss. In today’s blog, your Leawood, KS dentist will address ways you can avoid loss through constant care for not only your teeth, but the surrounding oral structures as well.

Staying on Top of Your Health

While many individuals believe that the biggest concern for their smiles include cavities and decay, gum disease is actually a major threat. In fact, it is the most common dental concern out there, affecting roughly 3 million U.S. adults every year. The truth of the matter is, however, that with proper care and consistent dental visits, this threat can easily be mitigated if acted upon in a timely manner. That being said, how come adults typically only seek help after the disease has taken over? To answer simply, most adults are actually unaware of the signs or symptoms as well as when to seek help. Periodontal disease consists of harmful bacteria that have made their way beneath the surface of the gums, attaching themselves to the roots of your teeth. Here, they endure a level of protection from the surrounding tissues while they develop into plaque and tartar. When you are affected by this disease, you may experience bleeding or sensitive gums, teeth separating from the tissues that house them, and even tooth loss.

Deep Periodontal Cleaning

Because the infection lies below the surface, a more extensive treatment may be required to properly clean away the bacteria. This process known as a periodontal cleaning or scaling and root planing involves multiple visits in which your dentist will gently but thoroughly clean beneath the surface and pay mind to remove deposits of plaque and tartar from the root of your teeth. Following this step, we will smooth and polish the surface of the root so as to prevent bacteria from easily attaching again in the future. For more information about this process, contact our team today.

Don’t Forget to Floss!

One of the simpler steps you can take from the beginning is staying on top of preventive care by not underestimating the benefits of flossing. While brushing addresses bacteria on the surface of teeth, flossing helps to remove food particles that get stuck between structures. When these food particles remain between teeth, what occurs is that bacteria are drawn to the particles and feed off them. From here, they become attracted to the gums and make their way beneath.

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