3d rendered illustration of a tooth extractionBeing one stain or chip away from an otherwise perfect grin can be a nuisance. For a number of blemishes and discrepancies in your smile, however, cosmetic dentistry has a solution. Indeed, advanced practices nowadays makes correcting any visual issues fast and simple, and the same level of innovation and care is utilized to address bigger issues as well. With all of this in mind, however, sometimes a tooth or other concern progresses past a certain point, resulting in more extensive work and even the contemplation of removal. In today’s blog, your Leawood, KS dentist will explain the process involved with saving your smile and preserving your oral health, and when extraction is needed to do so.

Damaged Beyond Repair

Typically, the biggest threats to a smile include decay and infection. These concerns present themselves in the form of cavities developing on a tooth, sensitivity or sharp pain, and even red, inflamed, or detached gums. In most cases, they can be addressed if spotted early enough on, for example, with treatments such as a filling. When allowed to progress, they will continue to become worse and worse, requiring more extensive treatments such as root canal procedures or periodontal cleaning to address. Even still, your dentist will make sure to do everything in their power to preserve your natural teeth. But what happens when this is not a possibility?

Tooth loss is often to result of developing a concern that is not properly addressed with regular dental visits. Once it progresses past a certain point, there is simply no bouncing back. When this occurs, the only viable option remaining will be to have the structure removed so as not to further threaten your oral health. For more information, contact our team today.

Restorations Continue to Fail

As we briefly touched on, your dentist will attempt to save your affected tooth with solutions meant to restore the natural structure. Such restorations may include a simple cavity filling, a dental crown, or a root canal treatment. The problem arises, however, when there is too much decay present, causing the destruction to continue even with a restoration and ultimately causing your procedure to fail. If your teeth have reached this point, your dentist will inform you that your only option is to have the tooth removed.

Threat to Your Oral Health

In addition to the damaged nature of a compromised tooth, the harm could become so great that other teeth are at risk of infection or loss. In fact, once you lose one to decay or infection, your chances of losing more increases exponentially. To combat this, your dentist will first recommend an extraction, then follow that procedure with a dental implant to replace the missing structure. For more information on this procedure, contact our team.

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Your dentist will attempt to save your damaged tooth as best as possible, but in some circumstances, the only option is to extract. Contact Dreem Dentistry in Leawood, KS by calling 913-681-5500 to learn more about your options or schedule your visit today.