Tired young man feel pain eyestrain holding glasses rubbing dry irritated eyes fatigued from computer work, stressed man suffer from headache bad vision sight problem sit at home table using laptopWith hectic schedules and so much to do in a day, sometimes you are not able to get a full night’s rest to properly recharge. Indeed, a restless night and grogginess in the morning tend not to be a significant concern many people pay mind to, let alone believe it has anything to do with your oral health. What you may not know, however, is that it could be indicative of a bigger concern that may require custom treatment to remedy. In today’s blog, your Leawood, KS dentist will look at the potential causes of your nighttime insomnia as well as how it can affect your health if you leave it untreated.

When You Suffer from a Sleep Disorder

A number of adults suffer from sleep apnea every year as it takes a toll on not only the quality of your rest, but your oral health as well. This phenomenon consists of a period of stopping and starting of breathing throughout the night. More specifically, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) occurs when the muscles in the throat relax, causing your airway to become restricted. When these muscles collapse the airway, your brain rouses you briefly in order to correct the problem, which is what causes the periodic episodes of inconsistent breathing.

In addition to the periodic breaths, individuals who experience sleep apnea may also show symptoms such as chronic snoring, gasping for air while unconscious, difficulty staying asleep, hypersomnia during the day, and more. For more information about this disorder, contact our team today.

How It Impacts You

It is one thing to experiencing loud snoring, but it is another when your health comes into play. While daytime headaches and irritability merely scratch the surface, OSA can cause a number of health concerns such as high blood pressure, heart problems, metabolic syndrome, type II diabetes, liver problems, and even complications with surgery or medications. In other words, ignoring the symptoms and waiting to treat your disorder can and will actually play to your detriment. If you feel that you or a partner are experiencing any of the above-mentioned symptoms or indications, do not hesitate to contact our team today to learn more.

How We Can Help

Like many dental concerns, OSA can be managed and treated with the use of a specialized appliance such as a mouth guard or other product. In cases like these, however, it is better to act sooner rather than later in order to provide the most optimal outcome and restore your healthy smile. For more information, contact our team today.

Visit Our Office

While you may not think that loud snoring is immediately tied to your oral health, it can be an indicator of suffering from OSA. Contact Dreem Dentistry in Leawood, KS by calling 913-681-5500 to learn more or schedule your appointment today.