Young people hiding faces behind paper sheets with question marks while waiting for job interview indoorsWhen it comes to taking measures to sustain a healthy, lifelong smile, preventive care is the name of the game. In fact, routine preventive care can oftentimes help prevent much more serious dental concerns from arising down the line, such as decay, infection, and even tooth loss. While you may think you have a grasp on your oral health and brushing at home, there could be a chance that you are missing a vital step or two. In today’s blog, your Leawood, KS dentist will discuss the importance of staying on top of your hygiene as well as address a few questions to clear up any misconceptions.

Is Flossing Really Necessary?

For many, the crux of preventive care is ensuring a regular schedule of brushing at least twice a day. While this is a crucial step, the fact of the matter is that regular brushing alone cannot address the food particles that may become lodged between teeth near the gum line. To best address this, your dentist recommends flossing after every meal as well.

Oral bacteria are present in everyone’s smile, and it is our duty to make sure they are kept at bay and do not progress or cause bigger concerns. When food particles become stuck between structures, these oral bacteria gather and feed off of them, causing an increased chance of infection, decay, and more. By flossing consistently after meals, you will be able to not only remove these particles, but decrease your chances of developing concerns such as gum disease, plaque and tartar buildup, and more.

How Often Should I Visit the Dentist?

Brushing and flossing alone are only half of the battle when it comes to preventive care, and the other half is attending your routine examinations and cleanings. For most cases, your dentist will recommend you attend a checkup at least once every six months in order to provide a decent level of oversight so that minor concerns can be more easily addressed before developing into major concerns. During your visit, your dentist will examine your grin for any indication of damage, such as a broken or chipped structure, as well as check for decay and cavities. We will also provide a cleaning so as to remove harmful deposits of plaque and tartar to provide your grin with an added boost of strength.

Does My Diet Really Matter?

Indulging in a treat every once in a while is perfectly normal, however, constant sugar intake can significantly impact the strength of your teeth. Oral bacteria feed off of sugar, causing them to secrete harmful acids at an increased rate that cause destruction to your grin. Other foods and beverages such as those with high acidity (coffee, citrus products, etc.) actively work to break down the healthy layer of enamel that protects your teeth. Being conscious of your diet and the frequency of your preventive care go hand-in-hand in maintaining a healthy smile.

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