Abstract futuristic tooth structure on blue background, dental banner designIt goes without saying that tooth loss is one of the more frightening circumstances you may experience as an adult, especially since it is permanent and your structure will not grow back. What’s more, your concerns only increase if you do not replace the tooth, leaving way for functional difficulties, higher chances for future loss, and more. Fortunately, your dentist will attempt to save your teeth with alternative options before resulting to extraction. In today’s blog, your Leawood, KS dentist will look at the process of removing infection from the inner canals of your tooth’s roots to preserve your natural teeth.

Addressing Infection

Decay occurs when harmful bacteria target your teeth, often nestling into the hard-to-clean crevices and nooks where they remain. They feed off of the food particles that get lodged as well as sugars in many sweets and treats, excreting a harmful acid that actively breaks down your smile’s foundation. Decay is often treated in its early to moderate stages, where it only affects the outside portion of your teeth. If allowed to progress, however, this infection can spread to the inner workings of your tooth, more specifically, the inner dental pulp. If this concern is not addressed in a timely manner, you could suffer from loss. Fortunately, extraction is not the first option to consider in this situation, and your structure has a chance of being saved with a root canal treatment.

Restoring Natural Structures

A root canal’s main goal is similar to that of a tooth filling, which is to remove decay and restore the natural integrity. To do this, your dentist will carefully but thoroughly clean the interior of the affected area to remove any sign of decay or infected pulp, then filling the open canals with a biocompatible dental material meant to restore and reinforce its strength. After this, we will then seal it off with a dental cap so as to keep it protected during the healing process. While the process is a bit more complex than just filling a cavity, advanced dental technology and innovative techniques aid in making it a relatively conservative and convenient procedure.

A Healthier, Happier Grin

In many cases, the need for a root canal treatment is due to the progression of decay, such as that from a cavity, in which spreads to the interior section of a tooth. While this is the most common reason, other circumstances can cause the need for the procedure as well. For example, a structure that becomes cracked or fractured may immediately expose the inner pulp to harmful bacteria. For more information, contact our office today.

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