Girl child keeping her mouth open while dentist performs checkup.By now, most individuals and families are aware of the negative consequences that arise from neglecting oral health. While some concerns such as cavities or plaque may appear minor and easily reversible when acted on in a timely manner, other circumstances such as root canal procedures, periodontal disease, and even extraction may inevitably be the result of poor hygiene. What’s more, starting early is imperative to maintaining a lifelong smile, which is why your Leawood, KS dentist at Dreem Dentistry emphasizes the importance of taking preventive dental measures, even for little grins.

Ensuring Successful Development

Believe it or not, children’s smiles require just as much, if not more, professional care to keep them happy and healthy. In fact, we encourage our younger patients to start visiting us at the moment their first tooth makes its appearance or by the time of their first birthday in order to ensure development is right on track. Your infant’s first visit will not include treatment, cleaning, or other extensive procedure, and will instead focus on introducing your child to visiting the dentist’s office and monitoring the development of their smiles.

Starting around the age of three years old, we will begin seeing your little one regularly at least twice a year for routine exams or cleanings to ensure their health is in tip-top condition. For more information about this timeline, contact our team today.

An Added Boost of Strength

Occasionally, children’s teeth need a bit of a boost to help protect them against harm or concern such as oral bacteria. As a result, your dentist can provide a topical treatment to enhance your little one’s strength. One option to consider is the use of fluoride, which is a naturally occurring mineral that prevents cavities and builds strong teeth. Fluoride is present in tap water, as well as many of the kinds of toothpaste out there that advocate a strong grin. When your child comes in for his or her appointment, we will apply the fluoride treatment and allow it to sit for some time in order to help the naturally occurring enamel build up its level of protection.

Another option to consider is a dental sealant, in which a thin, plastic coating is painted onto the chewing surface of little teeth, adding reinforcement that helps prevent decay. During your child’s visit, we can discuss which of these options may be best for you.

It is Never too Early to Start

Instilling excellent oral health habits begins early on, and making a habit of practicing regular preventive care is the first step to ensuring a healthy smile for life. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact Dreem Dentistry in Leawood, KS by calling 913-681-5500 today.