Different types of dental restorations are typically designed to a specific type and range of concern with your tooth and/or oral health. For example, minor cases of tooth wear, small cavities, and more can often be effectively addressed by restoring the tooth with a small amount of composite dental resin. However, for more extensive cases of tooth damage, restoring the tooth may require a more comprehensive option, such as completely covering and protecting the tooth with a lifelike dental crown

Teeth whose crowns are significantly damaged

The natural crown of your tooth is the part that rests above the gum line and is responsible for the bulk of your biting and chewing power. When this structure becomes significantly damaged, restoring its function and preserving the tooth’s integrity can rely on a custom dental crown that closely mimics its size, shape, and appearance. A dental crown can increase your chances of preserving the healthy, undamaged tooth structure that remains by stopping the fracture or break in the tooth from getting worse. With a custom-designed crown bonded over it, the tooth can continue remain in its place without negatively impacting your bite’s balance and function.

Teeth that are misshapen or malformed

Tooth breaks and fractures are common types of tooth damage, but there are other ways in which your tooth might need the correction of a custom-made dental crown. For instance, if the tooth is misshapen or malformed, it might not fit properly with the overall contour of your smile and other teeth. This can disrupt your bite’s balance, make the tooth more susceptible to damage or developing decay, and in some cases, can increase your risks of experiencing tooth loss as a severe result. Your dentist can help you avoid these consequences by improving the tooth’s size, shape, and contour with a custom-designed, highly lifelike dental crown.

Teeth that are extensively worn-down

When a tooth is exposed to an undue amount of pressure, it can become worn down under that pressure, which can have a number of impacts on the tooth’s integrity as well as your overall bite function. For the many different aspects of your bite to function properly, they must be aligned correctly. If your tooth becomes worn, then it can change how the tooth meets its opposite whenever your bite closes. A custom-designed dental crown can help correct this by restoring the tooth’s healthy, proper size, shape, and contour, as well as fortifying the tooth to absorb your bite’s pressure more effectively.

Learn if a dental crown can restore your tooth

Dental crowns can restore teeth that exhibit a wide range of concerns, and crowning your tooth may be the best way to restore it, as well. To learn more, schedule an appointment with us by calling Dreem Dentistry in Leawood, KS, today at 913-681-5500. We also serve patients who live in Overland Park and all surrounding communities.