Visiting your Leawood, KS, dentist regularly for checkups and cleanings is a great way for you to stay on top of your dental health. It lets us thoroughly and carefully examine your teeth and look for any issues, like cavities and tooth decay. If these things are detected early, we can address them with treatments like tooth fillings. However, if left untreated, then they may lead to infections that may require a root canal treatment. We understand that phrase may make you scared, but the procedure is common and safe. Let us review what it is so that you can be less nervous about it. 

Defining What A Root Canal Treatment Is

It is defined as an endodontic procedure that helps relieve a patient’s pain and to save a tooth that could be lost due to decay. Advanced dental technology is often used to find the precise location in the tooth where decay is forming. The treatment begins by cleaning the tooth and removing the structures that are being affected. In fact, the pulp, which is the tooth’s inner chamber, is accessed so that the nerves and tissues that are infected can be removed. After that process, we clean and disinfect the tooth before filling it with a biocompatible material and placing a dental crown on it. This will help protect the tooth from further decay and damage. 

Determining If You Need This Treatment

Advanced tooth decay is the most prominent reason someone would need this procedure. But one could also have infected or abscessed teeth that would call for this treatment. Some tooth decay symptoms to be aware of include having a fever, tender or swollen gums, teeth sensitivity to hot or cold food and drinks, pain when you chew or bite, a toothache, or cracked or chipped teeth. If these items are left untreated, your overall body health could be compromised due to a spreading infection.   

Doing This Treatment Has Its Benefits

You may imagine that it is easier and better to just extract the infected tooth. However, this procedure is preferred because it will help you keep your natural smile. You will also be able to bite and chew your food naturally. You must also consider other procedures relating to tooth extraction that may be more time-intensive and that could cost more money over the long term. These include dentures, implants, and bridges.

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