Portrait middle aged woman with sensitive tooth ache, crown problem crying from pain, touching outside mouth with hand isolated orange background. Negative emotion, facial expression feeling, healthThough loving their smile is a goal many individuals strive to achieve, that does not mean that it is an easy goal to acquire. Indeed, it is important to recognize that various bacteria, infections, and more can cause damage to your smile, even impacting it permanently. This same concept applies to surface-level issues, and this is why dentistry has expanded to include cosmetic concerns as well. In today’s blog, your Leawood, KS dentist investigates best practices for gum care, as well as why it is necessary to practice periodontal care.

What is Proper Gum Care?

It goes without saying that your teeth are among the most important factors to consider when discussing oral health. Bear in mind, however, that your oral health consists of much more than just the status of your teeth, and your other oral structures play a role as well. For example, your gums help protect your teeth from harm while also serving to reinforce the secure connect your roots have with your jaw bone. In other words, these tissues are necessary for protection and structural integrity.

Indeed, whether you were aware of it or not, your periodontal health matters tremendously. But how exactly do you go about care, you might wonder. Fortunately, our team has answers to help you address your gum health both in-office and at home.

Indeed, the number one way to care for your gums at home involves a simple process known as flossing. You see, when food particles and other substances become lodged between your teeth, the longer they remain, the more likely you are to experience a periodontal concern. The reason for this is because bacteria tend to feed off of the materials that become stuck between structures. If this occurs regularly, bacteria can begin to work their way beneath the gum line and wreak havoc.

Taking Strides for a Healthier Smile

In addition to at-home care, in-office treatment can help preserve your gum health. In some instances, oral bacteria and other concerns may work their way beneath your tissues and target teeth roots. Here, they can cause plaque and tartar to form. This process protects bacteria thriving in the plaque, as it becomes more difficult to clean the area. In cases such as these, our team may recommend a periodontal cleaning to help rid deposits of plaque and preserve your health.

How Our Team Can Help

Laying the foundation for a lifelong healthy smile requires an understanding of the various components that contribute to your oral health as a whole. Our team will work with you to ensure you receive nothing short of customized care to keep your structures healthy.

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