Young man losing a toothAs a child, losing a baby tooth can be an exciting process, as you know that your permanent teeth are coming in soon and you may receive a visit from the tooth fairy. On the other hand, losing a tooth as an adult can be a troubling endeavor. Unlike other dental concerns, losing a permanent tooth means that it simply will not be replaced by another natural structure. Additionally, you may run into functional complications as well as cosmetic and health concerns. Still, however, sometimes removing a structure may be in your best interest. In today’s blog, your Leawood, KS dentist explores why it might be necessary to remove a structure, as well as what your options may be.

Why Consider Extraction?

It goes without saying that the thought of tooth loss as an adult can be a troubling process. After all, if you stay on top of your preventive dental routine, you should not have anything to worry about, right? On the contrary, dental emergencies and other concerns can arise at any given time, and unfortunately, these may fall out of the realm of protection that prevention provides.

For example, say you were participating in a sports event and a miscalculated move has you smack head-on into another player. In the worst cases, this may cause a tooth to chip, crack, or dislodge entirely. Additionally, say you are taking a walk and trip and land on the concrete. Depending on the situation, this can cause mild to severe dental damage.

In cases such as these, dental extraction might be the best option to consider if a tooth cannot be reattached or is beyond saving. To learn more about this process, give our team a call today.

The Impact on Your Function

Another major consideration for dental extraction might involve severe infection. You see, oral bacteria and germs are constantly attempting to compromise your smile’s health, and in some cases, they succeed. Indeed, if a structure has been infected and the majority of it is beyond saving, it could be more beneficial for your surrounding structures if the diseased one is removed.

Because infections can spread – and often do – mitigating the problem at the source is a solution that might benefit you to consider. While nobody wants to lose a natural tooth, it is the sacrifice that must sometimes be made in order to save your entire smile.

Health Benefits

In addition to preventing serious infection from spreading, removing a compromised structure can actually lead to a few health benefits. For example, attempting to eat, bite, or chew with an infected tooth is difficult, as the sensitivity and pain are often unbearable. With it removed, however, you can enjoy your favorite foods once more.

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