Young handsome man over isolated background smiling confident showing and pointing with fingers teeth and mouth. Health concept.Physical ailments, as much as we wish to exist without them, are very much a natural part of life. Indeed, the occasional headache or upset stomach can certainly incapacitate us from time to time, depending on how bad the symptoms are, but for the most part, they run their course and then we are able to continue on with our lives. Though many ailments can pass on their own, some items, including oral health concerns, will require treatment to address. In today’s blog, your Leawood, KS dentist explains how oral concerns impact your health, and why seeking treatment sooner is better than waiting.

How Your Situation gets Worse

It goes without saying that there are countless concerns that can afflict your grin. For instance, you may experience the threats of dental decay or infection in the form of a cavity or infected tooth root. You could also experience a surface-level concern such as a noticeable chip, a crack, or even a difficult stain that brushing alone will not address. Regardless of what happens, however, one thing remains certain: your situation will get worse if you do not seek treatment.

Indeed, oral health concerns are unique in that they do not simply go away with time like a headache or upset stomach will. In fact, your situation will only worsen with time, and you may end up having to face some pretty difficult decisions. Because of this, our team recommends staying on top of your preventive dental routine and attending your routinely-scheduled six-month checkups. To learn more about this process and why it matters, reach out to our team today.

A Threat to Other Structures

Another factor to consider when dealing with an oral health concern is how it impacts your other structures. Indeed, the immediate problem may very obviously be a large cavity or infected tooth root, but bear in mind that as your condition worsens, it may spread to your other healthy structures as well.

Indeed, just because decay has caused your tooth to become compromised, that does not mean your issue is solved once the tooth is removed. In fact, the infection can and will spread to surrounding structures, and once a tooth has fallen out due to infection, there is not much time before your other adjacent teeth follow suit.

Facing Difficult Decisions

The unfortunate truth is that some threats to your smile can actually develop without your knowledge. In fact, many people are unaware of their cavities or infected gums until it has already progressed significantly. Because of this, sometimes people have to make the tough decision regarding losing a tooth to preserve your oral health.

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