Sometimes, a patient’s need for dental work is not related to problems with an individual tooth. If you have issues with your jaw alignment or movement, broader aches and pains that affect your face, neck, and head can require attention. Your Leawood, KS dentist can talk to you about properly managing TMJ disorder. With the right support, you can enjoy a reduction in jaw pain and stiffness, experience fewer headaches, and even have an easier time managing teeth grinding issues. It is often possible for us to put a stop to these issues by providing a patient a custom oral appliance that reduces tension while encouraging them to hold their jaw in a more comfortable position.

Signs That TMJ Disorder Might Affect You

What are the signs of TMJ disorder that should have your attention? These issues tend to affect people who struggle with limited, painful, or uneven jaw movement. Difficulties with nightly teeth grinding, an increase in headaches, and even neck and shoulder pain can also point to TMJ problems. If these sound like familiar symptoms, make sure you bring them up during an upcoming routine dental exam, or set an appointment sooner to make sure that the matter is properly resolved.

Beginning TMJ Therapy

By providing a custom oral appliance to a patient affected by TMJ disorder, we can begin therapeutic treatment to improve their bite function and help with painful or limited movements. The appliance is custom-made to ensure that it remains secure, and to ensure that it does the appropriate job keeping your jaw in a more comfortable position. By wearing your appliance regularly, you can ease tension that has been difficult to reduce, and you can train your jaw to rest in a more comfortable manner.

Can My Dentist Also Help Me Manage Teeth Grinding Issues?

If you do not resolve problems with nightly teeth grinding in time, the consequences for your smile can be serious. Eventually, the wear and tear caused by this habit can chip or crack your enamel. You can also experience worsening issues with teeth that look flat or misshapen due to this nightly friction. Our treatment for TMJ disorder can help you resolve this problem, which can mean enjoying important protection for your smile and dental health!

Talk To Your Leawood, KS Dentist About TMJ Therapy

Is TMJ disorder a problem that should concern you? If you struggle with frequent discomfort in the form of bite pain and stiffness, limited jaw movement, headaches, or other issues that concern your jaw movement, we can discuss the importance of treatment. To learn what to expect after you resolve your ongoing problems with TMJ disorder, please contact Dreem Dentistry in Leawood, KS at 913-681-5500 to learn more!