dental crown, installation process and change of teeth - tooth cartoon vector flat style cute character for designWhereas the main goal of preventive dentistry is to utilize resources and proper treatment to prevent the onset of threats to your oral health, restorative dentistry’s main goal is to provide an effective solution to aid in situations where preventive dentistry fails. Indeed, your dentist’s main goal is to do what is best for the sake of your oral health, and the last thing we want is for you to lose a tooth. In today’s blog, your Leawood, KS dentist discusses the ways that dental crown restorations serve this purpose by offering versatility of use in order to best address your needs.

Preventing Spread of Infection

While your teeth are comprised of one of the strongest materials your body produces, maintaining this strength through proper care is an ongoing process. In some situations, one of your lines of defense may fail, causing the onset of a number of troubling concerns. To best address this, restorative dentistry affords our team the ability to replace or strengthen existing structures so as to best preserve your health. What’s more, these restorations offer much more than just a replacement, but serve vital roles that play a factor into health, function, and more.

When your dentist recommends the use of a dental crown, it is often the best solution for a number of circumstances. First, a cap may be used to prevent the spread of infection. For example, a tooth that has experienced a cavity is typically handled with a filling, but if the decay progresses past a certain point, your surrounding structures can become at risk. A cap allows for our team to clean the affected area and conceal the tooth as the filling sets so that bacteria cannot be spread.

Containing Oral Bacteria

Another important function that dental crowns may play involves containing bacteria and preventing new infections from targeting an affected tooth. Oftentimes a structure needs added protection when receiving treatment, as it is more exposed to threats. In cases such as these, a cap can be helpful in preventing oral bacteria from entering the exposed area and causing even more complications to your health.

Ensuring Proper Recovery

In addition to the roles mentioned above, a dental crown is beneficial when recovering from an extensive procedure such as a root canal. During this process, our dentist is removing decay and infection from within a tooth then filling the open canals with a dental material. Because of this, your structure will need time to properly heal, so a cap helps to prevent infection or other concerns from entering so as to ensure adequate recovery.

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