many colored boxing mouth guards lie on a blue background, sports conceptIt goes without saying that oral bacteria are often the source of a number of dental concerns. What’s more, moderate to extensive restorative measures may be required to preserve your oral health and your natural structures in the process. Even still, some individuals face bigger concerns from sources one might not initially expect, including grinding your teeth at night. In today’s blog, your Leawood, KS dentist wants to discuss the effects of grinding and other dysfunctions that can cause significant damage, and how an appliance can correct these concerns.

Unconscious Clenching

A number of adults are affected by bruxism – or chronic teeth grinding – every year. This occurs when your oral structures become clenched together and one moves their lower mandible from side-to-side, creating friction that causes damage to occur. Sources of bruxism can include environmental stressors, internal stress or anxiety, oral dysfunction, and more. It often occurs when one is unconscious or asleep, but it can occur while awake as well, typically as a second-nature response.

Not only can clenching your teeth cause trouble with your joints and tension of your jaw, but it can cause a number of functional and structural concerns as well. If you suspect that you are experiencing bruxism, make sure to contact our team today to learn more about your options.

Functional and Structural Impacts

Consistent bruxism consists of constant friction caused by clenching, which means it is natural that damage can occur. This includes worn structures and weakened teeth, which can lead to increased chances of bacterial infection and development of decay. It also includes immense tension in your jaw, difficulty opening the mouth to speak or eat, and more. Without proper care, you may be at risk of severely damaging your natural teeth and potentially losing them down the line.

Fortunately, a custom appliance may help. A mouthguard or other item can be used nightly while you sleep, protecting your teeth from harm. What’s more, they can enhance your overall function. For more information about this concern, contact our team today.

A Sign of a Bigger Issue

While consistent grinding and chronic snoring do not necessarily get associated with oral health right off the bat, know that an underlying concern can relate to them. A dysfunction known as TMJ disorder can occur due to consistent grinding and tension. During this process, the temporomandibular joints in which your lower jay hinges may become impacted, causing serious effects such as popping or clicking, pain, and difficulty opening or closing the mouth. With a custom appliance and splint therapy, however, this concern can be addressed.

Learn More Today

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