Our teeth can remain healthy for many years with proper care thanks to the strength of our enamel. While enamel is a remarkably tough substance, it is not completely invincible; when problems do affect our teeth, we need restorative dental work because enamel is limited in its ability to recover from damage naturally. If a cavity forms, or if your tooth is chipped, cracked, or broken, a trip the dentist is necessary to restore it and prevent further problems. Your Leawood, KS dentist’s office can provide you with a custom dental crown that will support an injured tooth, or one affected by a cavity too severe for treatment with a dental filling to be effective.

How Dental Crowns Keep Teeth Safe

A dental crown completely covers your tooth above the gum line. To make sure it has space to remain secure and comfortable, your dentist will modify the tooth structure to create room for it. Crowns can be made from different materials, including substances that can imitate healthy dental enamel. The placement of the crown does more than just keep bacteria or further physical damage from affecting a vulnerable tooth. You will be able to put pressure on it whenever you bite and chew, as it is designed to support your natural dental function. If you have an older crown that no longer supports your bite, bring this up with your dentist. Unresolved bite issues can lead to trouble with TMJ disorder over time.

Restoring A Tooth After Treating A Cavity

Dental fillings are regularly used to treat cavities, but they are not always capable of providing enough support for teeth. If you need to have a larger cavity treated, we can use a dental crown to provide lasting support for your tooth. In some cases, we can actually recommend a partial crown instead of a full crown. Because the partial crown occupies less space, less preparatory work is needed for placement.

The Role Crowns Play In Restoring Injured Teeth

Dental injuries range in severity, so different treatment options can be recommended. For less severe injuries, we can discuss treatment with porcelain veneers, or we can recommend tooth bonding and contouring work to restore your appearance. However, if we are concerned that you need more bite support, or if the damage to your tooth structure is too severe, we can recommend that you receive a dental crown to keep your tooth safe.

Dreem Dentistry Can Restore Your Tooth With A Secure, Custom Crown!

Patients who have problems with dental injuries or tooth decay can count on long-term support from a custom dental crown provided at Dreem Dentistry. If you have a problem that calls for a crown, or if you have any other concerns about your oral health, you can reach our dentist’s office in Leawood, KS at 913-681-5500.