Beautiful young woman over isolated background Smiling with open mouth, fingers pointing and forcing cheerful smileAs you may know, the biggest threat to most people’s smiles involves oral bacteria that have been left to wreak havoc on your teeth and other oral structures. In some cases, however, the biggest threat can actually arise from other circumstances such as grinding your teeth at night or even experiencing a severe crack or dislodged structure. In the better outcomes of these events, all teeth experience is a minor cosmetic blemish that requires no extensive procedures to address. In today’s blog, your Leawood, KS dentist is going to be taking a look at the latter scenario and how your cosmetic concerns can easily be addressed with a process known as bonding and contouring.

Creating Consistency

Whether you experience a physical injury through sports play or other means, or even simply from biting down too hard on a crunchy food item, you may can experience damage to your teeth. In cases where the injury is very severe and significant, restorative dental measures may be needed in order to address the concern and restore your smile. In many cases, however, the problem is purely cosmetic, only affecting your smile’s appearance. That being said, however, nobody wants to be a single blemish away from an otherwise perfect grin, and for these reasons, our team utilizes cosmetic dentistry to help enhance your grin once more.

Addressing Cracks and Chips

When you endure a small chip or crack in a tooth, our office may recommend the use of dental bonding and contouring to remedy the issue. Bonding consists of applying a composite dental material to the affected site – such as the chip or crack – that is shade-matched to the hue of your teeth. This material is then shaped, or contoured, to not only fill every gap or hole involved, but to closely mimic the natural shape and texture of your teeth as well. Once the material has been contoured to satisfaction, we utilize a special light that stimulates and hardens the material, finishing your procedure in a quick and efficient manner.

One of the major benefits of dental bonding and contouring is the ability to address any minor blemish in your grin without notice. The tooth-colored material is shade-matched to your grin to provide a seamless appearance, and most won’t even notice a discrepancy in your smile!

Establishing Evenness

In addition to providing a seamless finish, dental bonding and contouring can also establish evenness by extending the length or width of a tooth. This can be helpful when addressing chips, uneven growth, and even gaps between structures to provide a consistent appearance throughout. For more information about the process, contact our team today.

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