When something happens to your healthy, natural tooth structure and you need to restore it, you want your restoration to repair and preserve your tooth as best as possible. In many cases, this is exactly what makes custom dental restorations the preferable option. Designed to restore, protect, and preserve a tooth no matter it’s specific concern, a customized dental restoration can help your tooth bounce back from a number of different concerns.

A chipped tooth that might grow worse

Chipped teeth don’t always seem like serious concerns, especially when compared to more severe forms of tooth damage like a significant crack or break in the tooth. However, any form of tooth damage has the potential to become much more severe over time. In the case of chipped teeth, the immediate damage may also be more significant than you realize. Depending on the extent of the chip and specific place of it on your tooth structure, it might also impact the balance and function of your bite, as well as leave the tooth more vulnerable to concerns like tooth decay.

A fracture or break in your tooth

A fracture (crack) or break in your tooth structure can be more obvious of a threat to your tooth, and allowing the problem to linger without addressing it can lead to significant concerns with your oral health. A healthy tooth can fracture or break for a number of different reasons, including accidental dental trauma or the excessive pressure produced by chronic teeth-grinding. Unlike milder forms of tooth damage, such as a chipped edge, a broken or fractured tooth may generate different levels of tooth pain every time and you bite and chew, or expose the tooth to hold or cold temperatures.

An empty space due to tooth loss

Dental crowns have long been a solution for repairing and restoring compromised teeth. Sometimes, they can even be utilized to support a dental bridge to replace one or more lost teeth. These days, however, dental crowns can be used to replace lost or extracted teeth in a much more conservative and biocompatible manner – by topping a dental implant post. A dental implant is designed to mimic a healthy, natural tooth root, and can be placed withing the jawbone structure in place of a lost root to offer comparable support for a dental crown.

Learn how a restoration can fix your smile

A highly customized dental crown can help address a wide variety of tooth troubles, saving your smile from even more trouble later. To learn more, schedule an appointment with us by calling Dreem Dentistry in Leawood, KS, today at 913-681-5500.