Night Guards Protect Your Teeth From Grinding While You Sleep

After you have been diagnosed with bruxism or TMJ disorder, treatment will depend on the exact nature and extent of your condition. In many cases, however, one or both conditions can be effectively treated with the help of a custom-designed oral appliance. A custom night guard can protect your teeth from each other while you sleep, eliminating the risks of nighttime teeth-grinding. It may also help support your lower jaw in a way that allows your temporomandibular joints to rest and heal. Alleviating the pressure on your jaw joints can reduce the symptoms of TMJ disorder and help you regain the proper, comfortable function of your bite.

Benefits Of A Custom-Made Night Guard

While generic mouthguards are available at stores, they are not as effective as a custom-made guard from your dentist as cheaper, store-bought guards do not follow the specific shape of your mouth. This makes them bulky and uncomfortable when you are trying to fall asleep. We can create a custom-fit night guard by taking exact measurements of your bite. Because this option fits the contours of your teeth, you are much more likely to comply with wearing them each night. This ease of adherence greatly improves your protection against nightly wear and tear from grinding.

Can I Wear A Night Guard If I Have Dental Restorations?

We can design a custom guard to help you protect dental crowns, implants, and other restorations from bruxism. Compared to a store-bought guard, a custom night guard provides the best protection by fitting the unique shape of your restoration.

Speak With Your Leawood, KS, Dentist About Protecting Your Smile With A Night Guard

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