Restoring Bone Tissue Through Grafting

For patients who have destroyed or deteriorated bone tissue, a bone grafting procedure is recommended. This means that living tissue will be transplanted to the site that needs to be corrected.

Why would someone need bone grafting?

When oral bones are damaged, a patient’s smile and facial structure may be compromised. The bones support the teeth and the tissues around them. When they lose density, teeth could become loose and fall out and the face may sink in, which may result in an appearance of premature aging.

How grafting is accomplished

Grafting material is either sourced from a patient’s own bone tissue or artificial tissue. The dentist first numbs the affected area and then carefully moves the gums away from the teeth and bone. The graft is then placed onto the affected area. The procedure is completed with sutures. Sometimes, guided tissue regeneration is needed. If this is the case, a barrier is placed over the bone tissue graft to prevent the gums from moving while it heals.

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